Saturday, July 10, 2010

Diamondsnake feat. Moby

In a world in serious need of some extreme silliness, Moby and his new happy metal project Diamondsnake have successfully filled a void. Phil Costello, of Bee Gees metal tribute band Tragedy, fronts the project, bringing dodgy hair, a carefully sculptured butt-crack, and an awesome attitude (ie. his love for anything that will give him some sweet lovin' back) to the plate.

More than a few of the SuicideGirls crew were in the house for the band's debut assault on Los Angeles at the Dragonfly on July 7th. I restrained myself from headbanging and stopped laughing for long enough to take these snaps.

More images from the night can be viewed in a sideshow at the link below:

For more on Diamondsnake go to:

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