Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Art of Bleeding: Spirits of Safety Show

Went to see Art of Bleeding's Spirits of Safety Show at the Institute of Abnormal Arts in NoHo on Sunday night. The cabaret of the absurd led by former Cacophony Society leader Al Ridenour offered somewhat dubious healthcare advice and accident avoidance tips dished out by mascots RT the Robot Teacher, Dr. Moody, and Abram the Safety Ape.

A host of naughty nurses were also on hand in case emergency treatment was required. During the show Nurse Jezebelle (pictured), who specializes in breast examinations, gave a detailed demonstration of her skills, as did testicular cancer inspector, Nurse Alena. But it was perhaps Nurse Vulnavia's enthusiastic, hands-on kiss of life tutorial that proved to be the most popular of the evening's lessons. Wonder if Art of Bleeding offer HMOs? It'd sure beat my current plan.

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