Monday, April 25, 2011

Nikki Sixx - This Is Gonna Hurt

“I'm looking for the mystery in the shadows.”
- Nikki Sixx

“My dream has always been the same since I was a kid, to somehow show people life through different colored lenses,” writes Nikki Sixx in the introduction to his new book, a collection of very personal words and images called This Is Gonna Hurt. “Now more than ever I feel it’s important to see that way. We need to be aware that the warped perspectives of television, Internet, and magazines are sometimes poisonous,” he continues. “I cannot walk down the street without feeling I am being subjected to some constant sales pitch on what we should look like, smell like, dress like, or even worse, what we should be like.”

A devout nonconformist, Sixx wears many hats in his life. SuicideGirls last caught up with Mötley Crüe’s co-founder and bass player shortly before the release of his bestselling book, The Heroin Diaries, a collection of journal entries that chronicled his self-destructive – but ultimately self-saving – journey to the other side of drugs. To accompany its release, Sixx put together a side project called Sixx:A.M. – a band which went on to have a life of its own. The musician, songwriter and author also has his own clothing line, and hosts two radio shows, Sixx Sense (which airs Monday to Friday) and The Side Show Countdown (which is broadcast on weekends).

But it’s Sixx’s work as a photographer that made a further conversation with the multi-talented man mandatory. His photography, as seen in this first bound collection, is shockingly beautiful. However, the beauty within the images is of a kind that complies with nothing except Sixx’s own very individual aesthetic. Reflecting the contradictions in life that have troubled him in the past, his often preconceived portraits are both ethereal and hyperreal at the same time.

Sixx spoke with SG by phone from the Funny Farm, his photography studio and creative sanctuary…

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Benji Madden - Good Charlotte

“The goal is the journey”

- Benji Madden

Though they may have joked about the trappings of fame in their 2002 breakout hit "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte appreciate everything their success has brought. Having come from a broken home - and suffered the financial and emotional hardship that resulted from it - they also know the value of family, a theme which lies at the heart of their latest release Cardiology.

SuicideGirls caught up with Benji to talk about the new album, his thoughts on family, and his work as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador promoting UNICEF's Believe in Zero campaign, which aims to reduce preventable infant mortality, thereby ensuring that more families have a chance to enjoy the fundamental luxury of growing old together.

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