Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Doggie Dilemma

My favorite advice columnist, MissTruth Hurts, deals with a doggie dilemma in her column today:

Q: I've had my dog Sweetie for three years. I've had my boyfriend for six months. I love my dog. I love my BF. My BF doesn't love my dog. And my dog positively loathes my BF. We were in bed the other night and Sweetie bit him in the ass at the most inopportune moment. BF says, "Sweetie goes or I go." I'm leaning towards keeping Sweetie but my friends say I'm nuts. The BF is gorgeous, talented, brave, sober, well-off, and worships the ground I walk on. Sweetie? He's truly been my best friend. What would you do?

-Sad in Seattle

A: Dogs over dudes my friend. Dogs are more loyal, loving, and faithful, and generously lavish their owners with affection. They come when they're called, they like to spoon and cuddle, and they always stay the night. And, let's not forget dogs are a good judge of character. If your dog is not digging your dude, then maybe he's onto something. I would trust your companion's instincts on this one instead of your hormones. And, besides, if the guy really loved you, he wouldn't ask you to make this heart-breaking choice. What kind of guy makes his girl get rid of something she loves? Especially a little pooch?! A good guy and a true animal lover would never put you in this position, and his ultimatum shows what kind of person he really is. Put your beau up for adoption and tell your girlfriends to stop thinking so desperately.

-MissTruth Hurts

Do you agree with what MissTruth Hurts has to say?

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