Monday, April 27, 2009

Fischerspooner's Casey Spooner

"Conceptual perfection equaled career suicide."

Fischerspooner emerged from the ultra hip electroclash scene in 2001, bursting forth in a ball of glitter with their debut album, #1, and a live show that was part disco, part art-house and 100% entertainment. Visual and performance art student and showman Casey Spooner was front and center expressing partner Warren Fischer's pulsating soundscapes with dance, makeup, costume, and elaborate staging effects.

As they embarked on a major label venture with Capitol Records, who released Fischerspooner's follow up album Odyssey, Warren and Casey chose to embrace the culture the company represented. Their songs became more structured, and their stage show got a whole lot bigger. So big that after completing a European tour, Fischerspooner found themselves without the funds to tour the show fully in North America.

Disappointed that artistic success had led to financial failure, Casey retreated to his theatrical roots. He joined experimental New York performance ensemble The Wooster Group, taking on the role of Ophelia's brother Laertes in their production of Hamlet (which featured two Fischerspooner songs that were composed for the show).

Though he enjoyed his relatively simple life as an actor, Casey found he missed the creatively all-encompassing and fulfilling odyssey that was Fischerspooner. Taking inspiration from Shakespeare's rhyming couplets, a third Fischerspooner album began to take form.

Called Entertainment, the album, which is released on the band's own FS Studios label, explores what happens when art and pop culture collide. Is entertainment art? That's one of the many questions Casey asked himself when SuicideGirls called in.

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