Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jury Finds Glenn Beck Guilty of Insanity

"Just sit back and enjoy the madness of Glenn Beck, it couldn’t be better advertising for the left."

More gems from my favorite political columnist, SuicideGirls voice of extreme reason, Fear The Reaper:

I have to admit, the greatest thing since Obama took over the presidency is watching Glenn Beck’s quick descent into insanity. It really is epic theater and could easily have been a movie, or a television show. He is completely out of touch with reality – and it’s fucking awesome. It’s as if the crazy conspiracy guy at the coffee shop got his own show. It may actually end with him pulling a Smith & Wesson out and blowing his brains out on live television. And I am not in any way kidding. That’s how crazy and awesome Glenn Beck has become.

Becks’ ratings have been skyrocketing, much like Mister Rodgers would have if he had begun smearing his trains with feces and ranting about how Mr. Greenjeans was going to put us in camps. A couple of weeks ago, the kids at Morning Joe on MSNBC decided to take a closer look at Glenn and they found a man on the edge of sanity, weeping openly on television.

The man has taken fear and consumed it. Fear is Glenn Beck’s bitch.....

Click HERE for Fear The Reaper's full post.

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