Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Excess: Are We Being Devoured By Debt?

SuicideGirls' voice of extreme reasons, FearTheReaper, writes:

The manner in which we have destroyed our economy is astounding. We are so far from understanding and correcting our massive fuck ups that even this current obliteration of our ways has not brought up the discussion that needs to be had: Our usury laws are insane. Our usury laws drove us into debt, sped up the loss of our manufacturing base and have directly led to the murder of the middle class. And it’s only going to get worse. The looming credit card crisis will be the next shoe to drop and with deflation a serious threat, shockingly heinous and fluctuating interest rates will make it impossible for many to get by. Even ancient Babylon had laws against the shit we allow lenders to get away with.

Quite a few successful ancient empires considered usury to be worse than murder and it was punished accordingly. We, because we are an incredibly wise country, decided to toss out centuries of law and tradition. First in the early 1900’s, we began to gut our usury laws and then under Jimmy Carter they were fully disemboweled. It’s not like we didn’t have a time period to look back on and see what would happen....

Click HERE for a brief and entertaining trip through the usury laws of ancient and modern "civilizations"....

Think we're more protected from onerous debt and the excesses of money lenders now than we were two centuries ago? Think again!

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