Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forgotten Proto-Punk Band Death Rises

"David believed right up until the end of his life that the world would come looking for this music one day. It's just blowing our minds that it's happening..."
-Bobby Hackney

The rest of the world is just now figuring out what David Hackney knew way back in 1974: that his band, Death, had created something groundbreaking. Death, made up of David and his brothers, Bobby and Dannis, was one of the earliest bands to make the kind of rock music we now think of as punk. The hard-rocking Detroit sound they helped pioneer would become a major influence on Bad Brains and other important punk acts, but Death themselves only ever put out one single, with only 500 copies pressed. They didn't know they had become underground legends until recently, when Bobby's sons discovered Death, and the Hackneys found themselves with all the attention they deserved, three decades on...

Click HERE for more on the amazing story of Death.

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